Meet the people behind the winery.

We're a small operation with a friendly and devoted team behind everything that we do.

Kyle Loudon

Proprietor and Winemaker

Kyle's interest in food and wine probably took root early in life while foraging for crawfish, thistles, and other tasty morsels with his family. "It's likely one of the reasons that I'm still fascinated by whatever is growing around me." His love of wine also comes from its community. "Wine lovers don't drink wine by themselves; they love to share it. I love to think about the life of a wine like that — the special place where each bottle may end up." Kyle was born in California, then lived in the wine country of New York and around the pastoral farmland of Indiana before returning to California as a science graduate from Purdue University. Later he studied viticulture and enology at University of California Davis while working with outstanding winemakers at other small wineries.

Shala Loudon

Proprietor and Events Manager

If you see a detail that you like in our tasting room or at one of our events, chances are that Shala had something to do with it. Shala loves design and the beauty of art, food, and wine. Born and raised in California for most of her life, she is especially drawn to the diverse people, cultures, landscape, and microclimates that Californians enjoy. Shala has also lived with her family in Italy. Her grandfather was a cooper (barrel maker), and her family in the north still has vineyards in Piemonte, where Shala and Kyle have enjoyed regular visits and the rural beauty of hunting truffles. Shala and Kyle have a young son, Julian, who loves the grapes at harvest.

Karen Cassin

Tasting Room Manager

Karen has worked around wine for years and has taken keen notes at some of the finest wineries and restaurants in the world. You'll be delighted at Karen's enthusiasm and creativity in the tasting room while taking care of you during your visit. One day she arrived at the winery exclaiming, "Smell this bowl of heirloom rose petals. I keep passing them when I walk, and they smell like our Saralee's Vineyard Pinot Noir!" Karen earned her Certified Sommelier credential after attending the International Culinary Center. She brings a range of tastes and sensibilities from having lived in North Carolina, Indiana, the New York Metro Area, and California.

David Sanchez

Wine Educator

David is often the one you'll find enticing and entertaining you at winery events and in the tasting room. We met David years ago before we started Coterie while working at other wineries, sharing wine dinners, and tracing other paths in the wine community. David is deeply knowledgeable of fine wine, and knows well many of the winemakers and vineyards of California. He is not just a collector of wines, but a collector of the people and places behind them. Sometimes he can tell you what the dirt smells like, and how it feels to have a vineyard owner take you on a wild ride before giving you a horizontal, vertical, and "diagonal" tasting.

Tasting Room Team

The Ensemble

Visit our tasting room or attend any of our events, and you'll be under the care and attention of our friendly and knowledgeable tasting room and events team: Samantha Bunegin, Tracy Caruana, Eli Hruska, and Veronica Sanchez. Our tasting room and events team, along with Kyle, Shala, Karen, and David — who are often in the tasting room as well, look forward to seeing you, sharing our wines, and delighting you with a captivating experience.

About the Winery

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coterie — noun.
A small group with shared interests or tastes.

Since 2007, Coterie has produced wines from tiny parcels within acclaimed vineyards that express the distinction of their place. We make every wine berry to bottle by hand with exceptional care in the vineyard and non-interventional practices at the winery. Our winery is nestled in a cozy neighborhood near downtown San Jose, a short walk from the SAP Center and The Historic Alameda. We're part of a movement of wineries locating back into urban areas to make fine wines within the communities in which we live.