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Our vineyards are acclaimed sites in the Russian River Valley, Santa Lucia Highlands, and Santa Cruz Mountains.

A river valley caressed by Pacific cooling.

Cool, foggy mornings provide an exceptional environment for gentle ripening of Pinot Noir and refreshing whites.

Catie's Corner

Catie's Corner is widely admired for its Viognier and Pinot Noir, but we have discovered it to be a lovely place for Grenache Blanc too. Catie is the daughter of Saralee (of Saralee's Vineyard), so these vineyards have more in common than first meets the eye. Steve Dutton, one of the most revered winegrowers of the Russian River Valley, now farms the vineyard. We produce our Pinot Noir from 2A (Wadenswil) and 16 (Jackson) clones, which generally contribute elegant berry and floral notes with a hint of forest floor. Our Viognier and Grenache Blanc both are from Tablas Creek cuttings. Each of our blocks was planted in the late 1990s, except the Grenache Blanc, which is a more recent grafting. The vineyard has a gently rolling profile and a lovely consistent cycle of gentle warming and cooling that is the result of often foggy mornings and evenings. This cycle preserves attractive natural acidity and leads to a lengthier period of ripening during which flavors and aromas can develop gradually and with greater depth and complexity.

Saralee's Vineyard

Saralee's Vineyard is one of the iconic vineyards of the Russian River Valley with an impressive list of wineries making wines here over the years. One of the remarkable qualities about this vineyard is its ability to grow such an astounding number of varietals and clones extremely well at different points, thus making it a veritable treasure trove for winemakers. The vineyard is situated in the middle of the Russian River Valley, where cool and often foggy mornings provide an exceptional environment for gentle ripening throughout the fall. We produce our Pinot Noir here from 113, 115, and 23 (Mariafeld) clones, which we find yield Pinot Noir with elegant fruit, floral notes, and nice structure. Our Roussanne was grafted from Tablas Creek cuttings originally from the great vineyards of Château de Beaucastel. Each of our blocks was planted in the mid 1990s. One of our great memories from Saralee's Vineyard was her special vintners tastings each spring, when we'd all return to share our barrel samples.

Trenton Station Vineyard

One block in particular attracted us to Trenton Station Vineyard originally, but the rest of its rolling, meandering hillsides produce stunning wines too. Our original attraction was the Old Barn Block (which does, in fact, have a beautiful barn on it) planted with the 37 (Mount Eden) clone of Pinot Noir. At Trenton Station Vineyard, we find this clone has deep strawberry and delicate conifer notes. The steepness of this vineyard makes it difficult and dangerous to farm, but the Old Barn Block has a gentler slope. The vineyard is situated in the middle of the Russian River Valley just a few miles from Saralee's Vineyard. Cool and often foggy mornings provide an excellent environment for gentle ripening. The Old Barn Block of Pinot Noir was planted in 1999. We produced a single, special vintage of Pinot Noir from this vineyard in 2010. A long, cool summer followed by several heat spikes later in the season after leaves were pulled made this a challenging vintage. But that just meant we had to work extra hard to ferret out only the best berries, cluster by cluster, in order to make this ultimately a stunning wine.

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Since 2007, Coterie has produced wines from tiny parcels within acclaimed vineyards that express the distinction of their place. We make every wine berry to bottle by hand with as little intervention as possible. Our winery is nestled in a cozy neighborhood near downtown San Jose, around the corner from the SAP Center and The Historic Alameda. We're part of a movement of wineries locating back into urban areas to make fine wines within the communities in which we live.