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Our vineyards are acclaimed sites in Carneros, the Russian River Valley, Santa Lucia Highlands, and beyond.

A river valley caressed by Pacific cooling.

Foggy mornings provide an exceptional environment for gentle ripening of Pinot Noir and refreshing whites.

Catie's Corner

Catie's Corner is widely admired for its Viognier and Pinot Noir, but we have discovered it to be a lovely place for Grenache Blanc too. Catie is the daughter of Saralee (of Saralee's Vineyard), so these vineyards have more in common than first meets the eye. Steve Dutton, one of the most revered winegrowers of the Russian River Valley, now farms the vineyard. We produce our Pinot Noir from 2A (Wadenswil), 16 (Jackson), and Swan cuttings, which generally contribute elegant berry and floral notes with a hint of forest floor. Our Viognier and Grenache Blanc both are from Tablas Creek cuttings. Each of our blocks was planted in the late 1990s, except the Grenache Blanc, which is a more recent grafting. The vineyard has a gently rolling profile and a lovely consistent cycle of gentle warming and cooling that is the result of often foggy mornings and evenings. This cycle preserves attractive natural acidity and leads to a lengthier period of ripening during which flavors and aromas can develop gradually and with greater depth and complexity.

Matthew's Station

When a local farm-to-table restaurant was looking to make a Private Label wine to pair with oysters, we thought a refreshing Sauvignon Blanc from the Russian River Valley would make a lovely choice. Fortunately, we were able to obtain a small part of the vineyard from Matthew's Station. Matthew's Station is another of our vineyards under the care and attention of renowned winegrower Steve Dutton. The vineyard is situated towards the eastern side of the Russian River Valley where the terrain flattens out and fog pours liberally across the landscape to keep the vines cool. Gentle warming normally occurs by the afternoon creating an ideal cycle of warming and cooling throughout each day. Coupled with the arid soils of the area, this cycle provides an exceptional environment for growing Sauvignon Blanc with beautifully layered flavors, vibrant acidity, and flinty minerality. We make a little wine from this vineyard for our winery as well, which is among our most popular during the spring and summer months.

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coterie — noun.
A small group with shared interests or tastes.

Since 2007, Coterie has produced wines from tiny parcels within acclaimed vineyards that express the distinction of their place. We make every wine berry to bottle by hand with exceptional care in the vineyard and non-interventional practices at the winery. The winery is nestled in a cozy neighborhood near downtown San Jose, where it transformed an old warehouse into a beautiful place for wine.